Will You Be Tempted to Play Skill Based Slot Machines?

Having now been given the full green light to roll out skill based slot machines on their gaming floors, many casinos in Las Vegas are hunting around to find manufacturers of such slots in an attempt to get their younger, yet legally aged customers to flock to play those types of gaming machines.

That does of course pose the question whether you, as a slot player, are ever going to get the urge to play such slot machines, for it is the bonus games on offer on such slots that will pay out more dependent on just how well you play off that bonus game.

It has been suggested that these skill based slot machines could offer a payout percentage of 88% to players, however those that have fully mastered playing off the skill based bonus game could see the long term RTP of the slot machines increasing to 98% if they do play off those bonus games strategically using their own skill.

The bonus games such slots will offer will be games such a shooting rounds for example or they could entail several slot machines being linked up and players will be faced with driving a racing car around a track (not in person obviously but on the slot machines screen) and beating their opponents, those being players who are playing those linked slots when the bonus game is awarded and triggered.

It does have to be said however that most slot players play slot machines due to the fact that it is luck and luck alone that sees them either winning or losing, and unlike for example video poker players they do not want all the fuss and hassle of having to learn to play such games optimally!

However, with the likelihood of many casinos filling up their gaming floors with skill based slot machines in the very near future then you may be tempted to give some of them a try, and one of the best ways to play them it would seem initially is to set about playing them for very low stakes.

That way you will have enough bankroll to play off more base game spins so that you hopefully do get several of those skill based bonus games triggering, and the more of them you experience playing off the more skilled you will be at playing them off, if of course you are something of a fast learner!

There is no getting away from the fact however that any slot machine that is designed to appeal to a much younger demographic and will also offer a bonus game that appeals to such younger players are going to be popular, but not all casinos have younger players in their venues!

It will of course be a case of wait and see as to whether these types of slot machines are going to prove to be popular with players, however any slot machine that does give you the chance of winning bigger and better valued winning payouts due to your own skill and abilities may just be slots worth trying out, as you may just take to them like a duck takes to water!