Will The Tower Quarters Progressive Ever Get Won?

I have been coming to Vegas for decades, and one thing I always stumble upon when wandering around the gaming floor at the Stratosphere Casino Resort are the two Tower Quarters slot machines.

In fact, I am sure when I first visited Las Vegas back in the 1990’s those two machines took pride of place on that casinos gaming floor, and I suppose back then there were quite popular as most slots back then were simple to play three reel classic slots.

However, to find both of them still in place and still available to play many years later, and as the progressive jackpot has reached its maximum payout limit, and as such cannot grow in value any higher, one has to ask whether anyone has ever won that jackpot!

Whilst a $160,000 progressive jackpot is a fair old amount of cash to win when playing for the maximum stake the two slot machines have on offer, that being $0.75 (3 x 0.25 coins), I suspect that over the years players must have collectively played off millions of spins on them by now, but each time I return to the Stratosphere those two machines are still sat there with the progressive jackpot meter no long growing in size.

You may recall a few years back over at the MGM Grand Casino Resort, they had a slot machine called the Lions Share slot, that machine had been on their gaming floor for years, however as the progressive jackpot had never been won on it, the casino was not permitted to remove it until such a time that its progressive jackpot was won.

Finally in 2014 around 20 years or so after the machine was first wheeled out on the gaming floor a player did manage to line up the three jackpot symbols and walked off with a cool $2.4million, and as such that jackpot win then allowed the casino to remove that machine from their gaming floor and finally replace it with a much new slot machine.

I think that is something that the Stratosphere Casino will be hoping happens sooner rather than later, a player wins the jackpot on one of their two Tower Quarters slot machines and they can then finally wheel it off to the great casino in the sky and replace it with something newer.

If you are ever in Vegas and wander into the Stratosphere then make sure you see if those two slot machines are still sat on the gaming floor, and if you do have a few spare dollars in your pocket then consider feeding them into the bill acceptor and playing off a few spins.

For maybe, after all this time that jackpot may be won, and who knows they might in addition to paying you out the jackpot let you keep the slot machines too as a souvenir of your jackpot win, however it may be another decade or so before the jackpot does finally get won, so don’t pin your hopes on winning it!