Go Wild With This New Game

Wild Run Reveal at PA iLottery

Have you got that spring feeling and want to simply run wild? When then we’ve got just the game for you: Wild Run Reveal.

It’s new to PA iLottery, our favourite Pennsylvania online wagering site, and it’s got a hell of a lot to offer anyone looking to try something different this weekend. Or any day of the week, to be honest.

So take a read of our quick guide and find out why you should be playing Wild Run Reveal…

What is Wild Run Reveal?

This is a symbol matching game. To win, you’ve got to match three or four symbols in the 4×4 play grid. So if you’re good at maths, you might know that that means there’s a total of 16 symbols per game.

And like so many games on PA iLottery, you can just sit back and watch five rounds in a row play out thanks to the Auto Play feature. Remember, you can stop the Auto Play feature at any time if you don’t want it to play out all five games.

Of course, if you’re old school you can play every round yourself without Auto Play. Totally up to you.

How do you play?

It works like most other games of this type. You can either select tiles one at at time to reveal the symbol underneath or press the star button to reveal all the symbols in one go.

We much prefer doing it one at a time for Wild Run Reveal, if you’re wondering…

Your prize is determined by the corresponding symbols revealed, as you might expect.

Are there opportunities for free games?

Glad you asked, because this is one of the best bits about Wild Run Reveal. There are five free games that you can unlock.

To access them, you have to uncover three Wild Run symbols.

When you trigger your free games, they’ll play out automatically. And the great thing about this round is that all prizes are doubled during free games.

How much is it to play Wild Run Reveal?

There is an option here to suit most budgets, you can play from as little as $0.10 a game, right up to $20.

The default is set at $1, but you just simply need to adjust the slider if you would rather play for more or less than that.

What are my chances of winning with Wild Run Reveal?

Your chances of winning in Wild Run Reveal work out at 1 in 5.69.

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Pennsylvania iLottery players must be physically within the borders of Pennsylvania to play on the site. They also must be at least 18 years of age to sign up and play. Other terms and conditions may apply.