Playing Slots with Wild Multiplier Symbols

You will come across slot machines that have all types of wild symbols attached to their reels. However, it is often slots offering sets of Wild Multiplier symbols that are going to give you the chance of winning big, for those symbols do not only stand in for most other reel symbols when they spin in alongside them, but they can and will boost the value of the pay table listed payouts.

Some slot machines will have a basic Wild Multiplier, and when you get one of those symbols lining up on a pay-line alongside other matching symbols the multiplier value attached to that symbol will then increase the value of the payout as displayed on the slots pay table.

So if that multiplier is worth x2 that winning payout is doubled, if the multiplier is worth x3 the winning payout will be tripled and so on. However, there are some slots that will have a slightly different playing structure on which when you get more than one Wild Multiplier symbol spinning in and helping you form a winning combination the wild symbols will be multiplied by each other.

Take for example the Crackerjack slot, when playing that slot if you spin in one single wild symbol that helps you complete a winning combination on its one single pay-line then the value of that winning payout is doubled instantly.

However, get two of wild symbols which for reference as you can see from the picture above are the Crackerjack logo symbols, that spin in alongside any different reel symbols those x2 multiplier symbols are boosted by each other and as such any associated winning payouts are quadrupled.

You will come across a plethora of different slot machines and not only classic single pay-line slots that do have a similar set of Wild Multiplier symbols attached to them, but do look out for those slots which have higher values attached to their wild symbols, as they will offer a much higher payout potential.

One thing to keep in mind however is that the higher the multiplier values that are attached to any wild symbols the higher the variance the slot will become, and when playing high variance slot machines you can often spend a small fortune playing them until you are lucky enough to win big!

Another thing to keep in mind if you decide to play video slots offering for example a set of free spins on which there is a multiplier in play during the free spins bonus round, is that the Wild Multipliers attached to those slots will still be in play during the bonus rounds but on top of any wild symbols enhanced winning payout those payouts will be boosted even more by the multiplier valued attached to the free spin bonus game!

If you are at all confused about playing any type of slot machines, keep in mind that when you play online or at an online casino you will be allowed to test that casino slot machines for free so you can get used to playing them!