Why Slot Variance is Important When Using Bonus Credits

If you have been awarded with free play to use on any slot machines in a bricks and mortar casino or have claimed any bonus credits from an online or mobile casino site then you may be wondering just what type of slot machines to use those credits on.

There are, as you may be aware, thousands upon thousands of different slot machines you can play, however each of them will play out with just one of three different types of variance in play, those being low, medium and high variance playing structures.

As such in regards to which types of slot you should use your bonus credits of free play on, it will depend on what type of slot playing session you want. If you just want to have a long playing session with plenty of low valued winning payouts spinning in then you should stick to playing low variance slots.

However, if you want a chance of winning big and turning your free play or bonus credits into a mega paying cash out then you should play high variance slots. But if you want to have a reasonable amount of play time and still have a chance of ending your session in profit then the medium variance slot machines will be worthy of your play time and attention.

Whilst you only have to play your free play credits through once when you have been given any amount of free play from a land based casino, when you claim a bonus when playing online or on a mobile device then you will be required to play through those credits a large number of times before those credits become real money credits and you are able to cash them out.

What a lot of slot players will do when they have claimed a bonus is to pin their hopes on winning big with those bonus credits by playing a high variance slot first, and if they do then they will switch over to playing a low variance slot in the hope they can manage to achieve the play through requirements still remaining on their bonus credits.

That is probably one of the best playing strategies a slot player can adopt, but one thing to be aware of is some of the poorly run casinos who hate players winning will have their bonus terms and conditions written in such a way that you will be barred from playing some of their high variance or better paying slot machines with bonus credits or may even stop you from playing high variance slots and then playing low variance ones in that way!

If you do play at such casino sites then you have only yourself to blame, and with that in mind please do stick to playing at only the casino sites that are player friendly who have fair and reasonable terms and conditions.

Those sites are always going to be the casinos that are licensed in real licensing jurisdictions with a solid track record of fair play and transparency and not in places that you may never have heard of!