Who Ensures That Slot Machines Are Fair and Random?

If you have ever played a slot machine and your bankroll lasted a matter of minutes then you may have wondered if that slot machine was fair and random, or whether it was rigged in such a way that no matter how you chose to play it you would never have won anything when playing it!

That is a thought that often crosses many a slot players mind after having had a poor paying slot playing session! However, never be left in any doubt that as long as you are playing slot machines in a fully licensed and regulated casino or at a fully licensed and regulated online or mobile casino site, a lot of time and effort went into ensuring that every single slot available in those venues and sites do produce fair and random outcomes!

Some States, Counties and Provinces in many different countries of the world have their own gambling laboratories that are tasked with certifying and independently verifying that every single slot machine available in casinos licensed by those States, Provinces or Counties are fair and random and play and pay in the exact way they have been designed to do.

Take Pennsylvania in the USA, that US State has a huge testing facility and every single slot machine that is planned to be wheeled onto a casino gaming floor has to spend a couple of weeks at least in that testing facility being put through its paces, dissected and checked that its RTP is going to return exactly how much is has been designed to do and that the pay tables and any help files attached to each slot are written correctly and are legal.

Whilst Pennsylvania has laws in place that stipulate that a slot machine must not payout less, over the long term, a payout percentage of 85% there are no laws stating that two identical slot machines side by side for example on a casino floor could be set with different long term RTP’s!

However, one aspect of the design of all slot machines that are approved to be operated in that US State is that no one slot machine should have a jackpot that takes over 50 million spins before it is won!

Be aware however that not all States, Counties or Provinces have such a testing facility available or in place, and as such a lot of places will have a preferred third party independently run testing laboratory that all slot machine designers and manufacturers are obliged to utilize to get their slot machines certified as being fair and random before they go live.

That is also what a lot of online and mobile casino sites do, and as such you will often find somewhere on a casinos website the details of just which third party company has fully certified and verified all of their available slot games and slot machines as being fair and random.

If no such information is available at such a site we would urge you to avoid playing at those sites as there is no way of telling whether the slot machines on offer are going to give you a fair and random outcome!