Which Set of Free Spins Should You Select?

There are a growing number of brand new and some older, more established slot machines on which when you trigger their free spins bonus games you will then have to select from one of several different ways in regards to how the free spins will actually play off.

In Vegas there have been a sharp increase in the number of such slots in the last few months, with one of the more recently launched slot machines, that being the Dancing Drums slot, offering players not only a different number of free spin options when the bonus game is triggered but also a different type of playing structure too.

When playing slots such as for example the Microgaming Loaded slot, you have three different options available to you when its bonus game has been triggered.

You can select 12 free spins on x4 multipliers, 16 free spins on x3 multipliers or 24 free spins on x2 multipliers, as soon as you have spun in at least three scatter symbols anywhere in view.

The Dancing Drums slot game is a land based slot on which you need to get three or more scatter symbols or a mix of scatter symbols and wild symbols from left to right on the screen on a base game spin to trigger the bonus game.

Once triggered you can then choose 15 free spins on a 243 ways to win playing structure, 10 free spins on a 1024 playing structure, 5 free games on a 3125 playing structure or just 3 free spins on a 7776 playing structure! If you prefer you can select the Mystery Option which will see the game select the way your free spins will play off for you.

The general rule of thumb though when you are playing any slot which does give you an option in regards to how you can play off your free spins, is that the lower the number of free spins you select the higher the variance that bonus game will be.

If you are averse to risk and want to have the best chance of at least winning something from your set of free spins then you should be picking the highest number of free spins on offer to you, as that way you will have a much greater chance of forming one or more winning combinations as those free spins are playing off.

However, if you are prepared to throw caution to the wind so to speak and you want to have the chance of winning those much rarer but much higher valued bonus game winning payouts then you should select the free spins option that gives you the lowest number of free spins.

We would advise you to forget about letting the slot randomly select the way your free spins will play off however, on games such as the Dancing Drums slot, for you will often find the one it does select for you will not be one that you are happy with!

But it is always going to be your choice when playing such slot games as to how your free spins bonus game will play off!