What’s the Formula Casinos Use for Free Slot Play?

If you have been to any land based casino that uses a player card system for rewarding your slot play, then you will be quite well versed at getting the best playing value out of that card, and to be fair many casinos can be quite generous in regards to their comps.

However, one aspect of joining up to a casinos comp cub is that the casino is always going to be very eager to get you back inside their property and playing their slot machines in the very near future.

Whilst you will be showered with offers of free rooms and suites for a couple of nights at least, many casinos are happy to give you free slot play as a bonus for returning. You may however be wondering just what formula they use to determine just how much free play to offer you.

That is something that has always puzzled me too, for I tend to play heavily at just one casino in Vegas, and whilst I will get out and about and play at other casinos the one I am staying at will always get the biggest percentage of my gambling action.

When I first visited Vegas after  long break, I quickly worked myself up to the highest tier of the comp club at the casino I was staying at, and upon my return home I was offered $900 in free slot play if and when I returned.

That was too good an offer to miss out on and I did return within the three month deadline and my next offer was dropped down to $600 for the next visit, which could once again be claimed within three months.

Having visited Vegas regularly every since I now get offered $400 or $300 per visit and those offers are valid for one full month, along with the usual three night’s free use of suite.

There does however seem to be some type of formula a casino will use to tempt you back through their doors with free slot play, however I have not a clue how it is worked out, but it does appear to be based on not only your real money gaming action but also how often you visit, and possible where it is in the world you live.

For not that many people are going to be able to afford to fly out to Vegas regularly if they live thousands of miles away, and as such you should expect some fairly decent sized free slot play offers if you do not live in the US but you have shown a true commitment to gamble when visiting any casino based in Vegas in the past.

One little tip I can pass onto you however if you do get sent out regular free slot play offers but cannot visit places such as Vegas as often as you would like, and that is to time your visit just before one free slot play offer ends and the next one begins, as that way you will be able to claim both sets of free play offers on that one single visit!