What Percentage of the RTP of a Slot Machine Comes from the Bonus Games?

One aspect of anyone playing slot machines and selecting the right ones to play that we will always be banging on about is the RTP of each slot. If you end up playing a slot with a high and respectable payout percentage of say 97% or higher then you are going to get a fair amount of play time from that slot machine over the long term.

However, you will of course find all manner of different slot game categories no matter where you choose to play that will come with those much higher RTP’s, and when playing for example three reel slots the payout percentage on offer from those types of slots will come entirely from the base game, unless they offer a bonus game, which many of the older three reel slots do not have on offer.

If on the other hand you are more drawn to playing video slot machines, then the RTP of that slot is going to come from the base game and the bonus games or bonus features. With that in mind you may be sat there right now wondering what percentage of a bonus game awarding video slot is going to come from the base game and also from those bonus games and/or bonus features.

That is of course a good question to ask, for most players will experience playing video slots when no matter how hard they try they never seem to trigger the bonus games, and that often sees those players using up their allocated bankrolls very quickly.

We have taken a good look at the fact files and data sheets from a large number of different bonus game awarding video slots and have found that the percentage of the RTP of such slots made up from the bonus games can and does vary from machine to machine, however on average it is around the 30 to 40 percentage ranges.

With that in mind you will be hoping you do trigger as many of the bonus games on offer on video slots as you can do during any one session for the more of them you do trigger the much more profitable those slot playing sessions will be.

Whilst it can and often does take over 100 base game spins before you trigger a bonus game on most video slots on average, then perhaps one good way of playing such a slot is to ensure you divide up your bankroll in such a way that you get plenty of base game spins from such a slot, for the more spins you do get out of your bankroll the more of a chance you will get of triggering a bonus game.

If you are playing a slot and no matter how hard you try you do not trigger a bonus game or bonus feature then please do not become obsessed with trying to trigger it or them, or you could end up spending a lot of money trying to trigger such a bonus game and may run out of money before you do so!