Very High RTP Slots from High 5 Games

You are probably going to want to play some of the many different types of slot machines that have been released online by High 5 Games, for many of those slots are ones that you may have played at one time or another in a land based casino.

However, we have put together a series of slot playing guides, news articles and reviews that are intended to showcase to you the slots which are worth playing from different companies, and it is always going to be the slots with highest RTP´s that will appeal to the most players.

Sadly, in our research in regards to locating the highest RTP slots from High 5 Games we have found most of their slots are very poor paying ones, by virtue of some rather low payout percentages, and as such read on for an overview of which slots have the highest payout percentages, which by the way are nowhere near as high as some other slot game designers and suppliers slots!

If you do ever want to play any of their slots then you will probably be best off selecting the Golden Knight High slot, for whilst that slot game has only got a long term expected payout percentage of a rather low 95.0o% it is still one of their higher paying slots.

We rarely showcase slots with RTP´s lower than 96% however we have no choice with High 5 Games are their payout percentages are set so low, and with that in mind another slot of their which has got, for them, a fairly high RTP is the A Night of Mystery slot on which that payout percentage is some 94.90%.

On fact, there are several their slot games which have an identical RTP as the slot named directly above, so you may also consider playing the Dangerous slot, the Gypsy, Michelangelo, Shadow of the Panther, Sirens slots, or even give The Mighty Atlas, Valkyrie Queen and Vivaldi’s Seasons slots some play time, for whilst all of the themes and playing structures may be completely different on each of those slot games their long term expected paybacks are all the exact same that being 94.90%

Juts take out advice in regards to finding the best online, mobile or land based slot machines to play, that being play only the ones that have much higher payout percentages than 96.00%, you really will notice the different when playing a higher paying lot than one with a low RTP by way of the base game payouts and also the frequency and size of the payouts awarded via bonus games and bonus features too.

As slot players in every playing environment do have the maximum choice in regards to the slots they can play and where they can play them do yourself a favour and forget about playing High 5 Games slot machines as there are some way higher paying slots on offer and slots that are much more up to date than most of theirs too!