Using PaySafeCard Vouchers to Fund Casino Accounts

Let’s face it, there are dozens and probably soon to be hundreds of different ways that you are going to be able to use to make a deposit into any casino site account, and there are going to be pros and cons of using each available method.

One such way that you could choose to utilize to top up your casino account balance at both online and mobile casino sites is a payment option known as PaySafeCard. This is a pre-paid type of voucher system that is fairly easy to use and is ideal for players not wishing to use their debit or credits cards as the way to fund their casino site accounts.

In fact, if you do not have a bank account or a credit card then your options in regards to how you can move money into a casino site is strictly limited, however this payment option will be one that is ideally suited to you too.

What you will need to do however is to locate a shop or retail outlet nearby where you live that sells PaySafeCard vouchers. Locating such a shop is not that difficult for if you visit the PaySafeCard website you can make use of their shop locating tool, and by entering your post code you will then be presented with a list of nearby venues that sell those vouchers.

In the UK for example you will find Pay Zone and Pay Point stores all sell these vouchers, however as PaySafeCard offers an international service you will find stores in many different countries of the world that sell them too.

Over in Spain we have seen vending machines that can print off PaySafeCard vouchers for you once you have inserted your banknotes that are located in petrol stations, so in regards to the number of places you can buy such vouchers at there will be plenty of them nearby where you live!

Be aware though that you will need to pay for your voucher in cash, and if you look under the age of 18, then you will be required to show the store assistant some form of photographic government issued identification to prove you are over the age of 18 before they will sell you one of these vouchers.

Whilst the majority of stores will not charge you anything over and above the face value of the PaySafeCard voucher you want printed off, we have come across a handful of stores that make you pay a small “processing fee”, if you do come across such a venue they are basically ripping you off and as such look for somewhere else to buy your PaySafeCard vouchers from!

When you return home with your voucher you enter the unique PIN number on the front of the voucher into the casinos banking interface along with the value of the voucher and the voucher will be validated in real time and your funds then added to your casino account straight away.

One final thing to note however is that you cannot withdraw winnings back to a PaySafeCard voucher and as such if you win and make a withdrawal from the casino site you are playing at you will need to use a different payment option to receive those winnings by!