Two More Wynn Properties Join the Pay to Park Madness!

It is as if casino resorts in Las Vegas have become part of the save the earth movement recently, for more and more of them have decided that visitors to their resorts are going to have to pay to park their vehicles in the parking lots.

Whilst anything that does reduce the carbon footprint of those huge and sprawling venues should be embraced, when changes do occur that force people to pay anything to do so then that is not something we should be celebrating!

For years visitors to any casino in Vegas have been able to park their vehicles for free, those days do now appear to be over, as you are going to find fewer and fewer places that you can park for free, but it is not for environmental reasons those venues are now charging you to park, it is to suck even more money out of you!

One of the reasons many such venues are giving for the newly introduced car parking fees and charges they are imposing on visitors to their properties is that people have been using their parking lots as a way of parking for free and then jetting away from the nearby McCarran Airport, then returning and simply driving off once they returned from their vacation.

With those parking lots at such venues being safe and secure anyone who does use them in such a way will have the peace of mind in knowing that their car is being looked after and will still be where they left it when they return, and it would not cost them a cent to park for any duration.

The two latest properties to have switched over to a pay to park system is the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore and as such if you do fancy visiting either of those two venues and intend to take your vehicle to get there then be prepared to have to pay for the privilege from now on!

If you do decide to visit the Wynn Las Vegas or the Encore then you will be able to park for the first hour for free but then will be forced to have to pay $7 for the next hours parking, or $12 if you decide to stay for between two to four hours and the charge for parking for up to 24 hours is $15 and $15 for every 24 hours thereafter.

If you are a member of the comp club at the Wynn and are a Red Card holder then you are going to be able to qualify for some discounts on the parking rates, however I for one would be annoyed if I was charged a single cent to park at any casino that I intended to spend any amount of time gambling at!

There are of course still some casino properties and casino resorts that offer unlimited free parking. However, those venues are the ones that tend to be furthest away from the airport!