The Type of People You Never Want to Meet in a Casino

I can see why more and more people are choosing to play slot machines and other types of casino games online from the comfort of their own homes, and one of the main reasons has to be avoiding some of the ne’er do wells that can be found wandering around most casino gaming floors!

When I sit down to play a slot machine, if I want anyone sat next to me watching me play, such as friends or family members then that is my decision, however there are always going to be people who will stand around loitering and watching you play.

There are however some people even more annoying than mere spectators and they are the people who insist on giving a running commentary as you are playing! One thing I will do whenever I encounter such people is stop playing, turn around and stare at them, and as sure as night follows day those uninvited spectators will often get the message and walk off never to return.

However, when playing in some Vegas casinos you are likely to come across people who think that as you are winning, when indeed you do have a good run of luck playing a slot machine or for that matter any type of game, they deserve a cut of your winnings, and will even ask can you spare a few Dollars.

As someone who smokes I have found I am forever getting asked for a spare cigarette by other smokers in some casinos, and that leads me to ask the question why casinos in places such as Vegas have such a small number of retail outlets that sell cigarettes on their sprawling properties.

In fact, it cannot be too difficult for a casino to install vending machines that offer a range of different cigarettes, that, by the way, should not be double the price of a packet of cigarette that can be bought elsewhere, which sadly is something you will often find when you do make the mistake of buying a packet of cigarettes in most Vegas casinos.

What I have started to do in regards to ensuring I never run out of cigarettes when visiting Vegas is to buy them from the Duty Free outlets at the airport, for as an international traveller there are some very large savings to be made when doing so, and also by buying enough before I arrive to last the entire trip I am more likely to feel sorry for any smokers who do ask for a spare cigarette and give them one!

As for people who ask for money when I am playing or wandering around a casino floor, rather than cause a huge scene I simply say to them “no sorry” and that is something you should do, for if you do give anything to them they are likely to continue asking other players too.

If you are the type of person who does stand and watch other players playing, then get a life and stop your annoying habit, and go watch some of the YouTube videos of people playing slot machines instead, so you won’t annoy me and other players.