The Single Reel Re-Spin Feature a Risky Proposition

If you are not too averse to risk when playing slot machines, then you are probably very well versed at gambling for high stakes, when playing your favourite slot machines in any playing environment.

However, there is a relatively new feature on offer on a range of online slot machines, many of which have been designed and supplied by a company called Microgaming, that is known as the single reel re-spin feature, and it is a very high risk proposition.

When you come across any of Microgaming slot machine that does have that feature, such as for example their Hit Ink slot or their Reel Gems slot to name but two slots, you are given the option of being able to spin just one of the reels per spin you play off instead of spinning all five reels.

The cost of spinning that one single reel and having all of the other reels locked into place for that next spin is going to vary based on the overall chances of you then going on to spin in on the re-spun reel a set of reel symbols that will help you form one or more winning combinations, and also the value of the winning combinations that could be formed.

As such even though you may have the stake levels set on the slot you have chosen to play set down to some fairly low and reasonable amounts, the cost of re-spinning just one reel could be a huge multiple of the stake you have set for a base game spin.

There is of course the chance that you could spin in a high valued winning payout when you re-spin one of the reels instead of all five of them and if you do and form a high paying winning combination that is all fine and dandy.

However, we have played both of those two slot games named above and have found you can often play off a huge number of spins when utilizing the re-spin feature and never get the required set of reel symbols or one single reel symbol spinning in that does help you form a high valued winning payout, and as such your bankroll is going to be eaten away rapidly if the cost of that spin is a high one.

What we would therefore advise if you are ever playing either of those two slot games named above or any other Microgaming slot with a single re-spin feature, is to avoid utilizing that way of playing those slots with just one reel in play.

For if you do continually play the slot with just one reel spinning via that re-spin feature you could find even the largest of bankroll vanishing very quickly with a series of losing outcomes.

You can of course play both of those slots above for free online and play with demo credits to see for yourself just how high risk the single reel re-spin feature is, which is something we would advise you to do to be in an informed position to make a good judgement call as to whether you should use that feature when playing those slots in a real money playing environment!