The List of Playtech Slot Machines Keeps Getting Longer

Playtech started life designing in 1999 not only casino games of every possible description but also the software platforms that enable online casinos to offer their range of games too.

However, during those early years of online gaming they proved to be a popular choice for many land based gambling related companies looking to expand online, and before long Playtech had hundreds of different casino sites using their games and gaming platforms too.

They quickly expanded their operation to include the design and supply of both poker and bingo software and those types of games and also complemented their operation with a range of live gaming products as well as expanding into the mobile gaming environment too.

They constantly dreamed up brand new slot machines to add to their rapidly expanding range of games and it wasn’t long before their slot machines started to appear on FOBT’s in the UK, they are a range of gaming terminals that offer betting shop customers the ability of playing a range of different games of chance in those venues.

As such, Playtech are now one of the world’s biggest and most successful slot and casino game designers whose games are found on offer at gambling sites and gambling venues in many different countries of the world.

If you are a real lover of playing slot games, then you will always find exactly the type of slot machines that excite you the most when playing at any of the many casino sites using Playtech’s state of the art gaming platforms, and when playing them you will find they offer a range of player adjustable option settings too.

As such you will be able to configure the way they play and will have a plethora of different real money staking options too, however free play versions of their games are also on offer at all casino sites carrying their range of slots if you simply want to see how they play and pay.

As the companies that do operate using Playtech games are available to players based in most countries of the world what you will also be able to benefit from is being able to set your casino accounts to operate in your own home currency as their software enables players to pick their own home currency and also their own home language too.

One thing that you will also appreciate as an avid and regular slot player is that by you clicking onto the help files attached to any of their online or mobile slot games in addition to a complete and very definitive overview of how each slot machine plays and pays you will also find the long term expected RTP of each slot machine too.

It does have to be said Playtech have designed not only plenty of great playing slot machines over the years but also some slot machines that do boast the very highest of payout percentages.

In regards to the categories and types of slot machines Playtech have on offer you will find classic slots, three reel slot machines, video slots, progressive slots and also a range of fixed odds slot machines too!