The Decline of the Slot Machine Double Up Gamble Feature

If you have only recently started to play slot machines then you may be blissfully unaware of the gamble feature that used to be attached to quite a number of slot machines. That was a completely optional bonus type feature that would be offered to you whenever you had spun in a winning combination.

The aim of taking that gamble game would be to try and increase the value of any base game spun in winning payout, via a basic type of gamble game. However, whenever you did opt to take the gamble game feature you did run the risk of losing what you had just won!

It was a bonus feature that never really sparked an interest in many players, for once chosen a player would usually then be faced with playing a bonus game on which there were tasked with nothing more exciting that trying to pick one of several face down playing cards, in the hope the one selected was a higher valued one than the face up card displayed on the slot games screen.

By picking a card that was higher in value than the face down one a player would see their spun in winning combinations payout value being doubled and then they were given the option of collecting those winnings or trying to double them again by taking the gamble game option again.

An incorrect decision would see a player losing what they had won via the base game. Some slot machine designers made that gamble game completely random, and as such with some luck in playing it off you could, if lucky enough, turn a small base game winning payout into a much higher valued one.

However, some slot machine designers choose to make that gamble game a pre-determined one and as such no matter which card you chose, if the slot had decided you were going to lose then you would always end up picking a lower valued card no matter which card you selected from the ones displayed on the gamble game bonus screen!

Due to the gamble game not being that exciting and due to the fact that it did tend to slow down the rate at which you could play when you choose to utilize it, many players simply ignored it and would never opt to make use of it.

There have been a few attempts by slot machine designers to make the gamble game a tad more exciting to play off. For example Microgaming launched a range of slot machines on which something known as the Your Gamble option was available.

When players opted to take the gamble game on slots which offered that gamble game they would end up playing a gamble game on which a circle type animation was displayed on the screen with an arrow in the middle of the circle.

Players could then adjust the percentage of the circle that became the winning zone and losing zone themselves and could therefore put into play a low risk spin or a high risk spin off the win arrow. If the arrow stopped in the win zone they won and if it stopped in the losing zone they lost.

It was also a gamble game on which players could also choose how much of their spun in winning payout they put at risk. However, that unique gamble game never really took off and sadly Microgaming never added it to any of their other slots!

You are probably best advised to never take the gamble game option on any slots you do come across that still have it on offer, for with a long sequence of losing outcomes you could very quickly decimate your entire bankroll, but having said that the opposite is also true and you could massively increase the value of your bankroll via the gamble game. But it may be a risk too far for most slot players!