The Cash Splash Slot Jackpot Frequency

You will find plenty of progressive slot machines available online and at all online casino sites, but one of the very first ones that went live was Microgaming’s Cash Splash slot.

There are in fact two versions of this slot, the first being a classical 3 reel slot on which the coin values are fixed at 1.00, and to have any chance of hitting the progressive jackpot you need all three Cash Splash reel symbols spinning onto its single pay line when you are playing three coin spins.

The sister slot is a 15 pay line, 5 reel video slot on which the coin values are fixed at 0.20 and when playing it you have to play all fifteen pay lines and then line up the five Cash Splash symbols on the fifteenth payline to win its progressive jackpot.

Both of those two slot games are linked together in regards to the progressive jackpot through the entire Microgaming network, and as such playing either slot will see you both feeding the jackpot pool and you could win the jackpot when playing either slot at any casino site that has it on offer.

Available at both online and mobile casino sites it has been a firm favourite with players since the day it was launched, and having been available for two decades this year it does have a traceable track record in regards to the frequency at which the jackpots get won.

One average the jackpot awards winning players with £40,596 which on average is won every 12 hours, so in regards to the very best time to play the Cash Splash slot we would say it is when its jackpot is over that amount in value.

Be aware the base currency of this slot is GBP, but you can play it in one of many different currencies, and by doing so you will be awarded the jackpot in the currency you are playing it for. Any difference in regards to the value of the currency you are playing it for and GBP is added back into the jackpot pool when it has been won and resets to its seed value.

Microgaming made the decision when they first launched this slot that any progressive jackpot- winner upon withdrawing their winnings is going to be paid in one single payment, so unlike other casino sites powered by different software companies, if you do win its jackpot you will be paid out the entire amount in one payment.

One final thing worth knowing if you are unsure as to which of the two Cash Splash slots you should play is that the 3 reel version of the slot has a payout percentage of 91.51% whilst the video slot version of the Cash Splash slot has a payout percentage of a slightly lower 91.47%.

So you will be better off playing the older styled classic 3 reel slot version of the game if you want more winning spins spinning in over the long term!