The Best WMS High Variance Slot Machines

WMS slot machines can and often do reward players with some mega big winning payouts, however some of their huge range of slot machines have been designed in such a way that you are much more likely to win big when you have triggered some form of bonus game.

High variance WMS slots are always sought after by players, and over the years there have been some slots which due to their popularity get much more play time from players that others, and tend to still be available in land based casinos many, many years after they have been launched, even well past their expected gaming floor lifespan has been exceeded.

If you are the type of player who is prepared to play some of the riskier slots, then it will always be worth looking through the list of older WMS slots and not concentrate all of your playing efforts on their all singing and all dancing brand new slots.

For with some often quite basic playing structures and formats you will get a fun and entertaining slot playing session when playing their older high variance slots but you will also get the very real chance of being awarded with a huge payout.

Below we have listed and put together a small overview of some of the best WMS high variance and highly volatile slot games that can be accessed at land based, online and mobile casino sites, which are the ones we feel you will love playing and will want to play time and time again!

You will often hear the Kronos slot machines before you actually see them, for when players have them turned up loud when playing them they really will belt out some loud but very dramatic sound effects. This slot is one of the many WMS G+ Deluxe slot games that offer 30 pay lines and a high variance type of playing structure.

Another slot which when you play it can reward you with some huge payouts, is the Kingdom of the Titans slot, this is a game featuring the popular Spinning Streak feature which locks winning symbols into place and awards re-spins to players in the hope that additional matching reel symbols are then spun in via the re-spin to boost the value of winning payouts.

30 pay line slots are certainly something that WMS specialize in designing, and as such do consider giving the Neptune’s Fortune slot game some play time if it is high variance slots you do fancy playing, this slot by the way comes with Expanding Wild symbols which can and often do help you achieve those large but rare mega big winning payouts!

Also be on the lookout for one additional high variance slot from WMS and that is their Palace of Riches 2 slot, you can play this slot for a range of different coin and stake values settings, and as a player you should keep the stake levels low as its high volatility can often eat away at your bankroll quite quickly, so be warned!