Slot Players Should Always Avoid Maximum Cash Out Limit Bonuses

Now we do know that many slot players who play online and/or mobile slot games are going to be tempted to claim bonuses, and if you are a slot player there will always be bucketfuls of such bonuses available to you no matter at which casino or slot site you choose to play at.

However, there are some nasty terms and conditions attached to a great number of slot game related bonuses, and one that you should always be on the lookout for is a maximum cash out limit term.

What you will often find is that the bonuses available that boost your deposited amount by well over 100% of its value in bonus credits could come with maximum cash out limits. When claiming such a bonus you will find that if the slot game reels do spin your way and you win then you will be limited in regards to how much you can cash out.

These types of bonuses do tend to appeal to low rolling slot players, for they can deposit tiny amounts but give that deposit a huge boost in value. For example you could find some 500% deposit match bonuses available at various casino sites and by depositing say 50.00 in your own home currency you will get a starting bankroll of 300.00 (50.00 deposit plus the 250.00 bonus credits).

If there is, for example, a 5 times your deposited amount cash out limit attached to such a bonus then the maximum you are going to be able to cash out, no matter how much you win, is 250.00, with any excess being voided out by the casino.

A simple Google search will reveal there are a never ending number of players who have claimed such a bonus and in some instances have been lucky enough to win tens of thousands of Pounds/Euros/Dollars, only to see everything over 250.00 cancelled out by the casino due to those maximum cash out limits!

If you are a low rolling slot player who only wants to deposit small amounts, then you will be best advised to steer clear of such bonuses, and simply play with your own real money deposited funds.

By doing so you will then be able to cash out at any time of your own choosing and will of course never have any of your winnings confiscated.

Obviously making small deposits will see you having to play your chosen slot games for low stakes, but with some luck in playing you could win big, but will never run the risk of seeing huge chunks of your winnings voided out due to such unfair bonus terms and conditions such as maximum cash out limits.

If however, you are tempted to claim any type of casino or slot site bonuses, then do yourself a favour and always read through the terms and conditions attached to such bonuses, to ensure you will not be restricted in regards to how much you can cash out and to ensure you will not be restricted in regards to the slot games you can play or for the stake levels you can play for too!