Slot Player Wins Big at McCarran Airport!

We are always advising slot players to avoid playing slot machines in places that are renowned for having some very low payout percentages on offer on their slots.

One place we would suggest you never play for any long periods of time is at McCarran Airport! The slot machines available in that airport are very large in number however, and if you fancy a cigarette when airside you will find plenty of slot machines in the smoking zones.

But those slot machines are not famed for having generous payout percentages, as with players not being at the airport very long, the lower the RTP’s the more the slots will earn!

However, to prove our theory of avoiding playing those slot machines wrong, one lucky player has just bagged a massive $1,618,184.28 jackpot. It was on the Pink Roses Wheel of Fortune slot game that player struck gold.

That is of course a slot machine you have to play with all pay lines activated and then you need to beat the odds and line up all three of the Red Seven reel symbols on pay line number one, but as luck would have it that is exactly what a lady called Sandra did.

The IGT designed range of Mega Bucks slots whilst famed for offering players the chance of winning some mega life changing jackpots are also the slots which tend to offer the lowest payout percentages too! So her fete was quite a remarkable one, but it does prove you just never know when you are going to win big when playing any slot machine in any location!

To be honest though, what a thrill it must be, having being in Vegas for any amount of time then making your way to the airport, and then as you are waiting for your plane to start boarding, you stick a few Dollars into a slot machine and win an enormous jackpot.

You will probably then be tempted to forget about catching your plane back home and extend your vacation in Vegas, which is something I would probably choose to do!

One thing worth knowing however if you do ever beat the odds and win a multi-million Dollar Mega Bucks jackpot is that you will be given the option of getting that jackpot paid out to you in full, but via annual instalments.

The other option available to those slot jackpot winners is to get paid in one single payment, but by doing so you will only get a percentage of the jackpot and not the entire amount.

Which option you choose to go for is of course up to you, but a full jackpot payout paid out in annual instalments is probably going to be the best option, for you will not want to lose a massive chunk of your winnings by taking the entire payout on the spot!

One quick word of advice if you are ever  tempted to play any progressive jackpot awarding slot machines, and that is to always play them in the way that sees the jackpot element of the slot in live play, on ever spin you play off.

Failing to do so could see you spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination but on a pay line you didn’t activate, and then not getting paid out the jackpot, which is something no slot player is ever going to want to experience!