Slot Machine Voucher Vultures Are Always Ready to Attack!

Here we are on this fine Sunday afternoon, and I am in the perfect frame of mind to let off some more steam in regards to another of those annoyances you will often come across in casinos, that being the voucher vultures!

You are probably wondering what in God’s name a voucher vulture is, well it is a person who may, or in some cases may not be down on their luck and have chosen a new way of earning money, and that is by prowling the casino floors in search of credits left on a slot machine.

Some slot players are likely to play for a certain stake amount and when the balance on the credit meter of the slot they are playing gets lower than the stakes they are playing for, and they no longer wish to play that slot, they will leave those credits on the slot, and wander off with no aim of returning to use them.

When they do there is an odds-on chance that in no time at all one of those voucher vultures will tap on the cash out button, grab the ticket and rather quickly walk away with their, some would say, ill-gotten gains!

Whilst many casino venues do not have a policy on voucher vultures and are happy to put up with them, they can be an annoying breed of person if you are playing slots with a friend or partner and are instructed to watch the slot they are playing whilst they nip to the restroom or go to the ATM or even wander off for a cigarette.

What you will find is that you will have to have eyes in the back of your head if you are playing a slot machine yourself whilst also keeping an eye on credits your friend or partner has left on their slot machine, as a voucher vulture is likely to want to cash them out!

If you are playing in a casino then you will be best advised never to leave credits on a slot machine if you do need to go and do something with the aim of returning to play it shortly, for even if you have instructed someone to watch that slot and your credits for you, if that person is also engrossed in playing their own slot machine a voucher vulture can in seconds cash your credits out and make off with them!

In fact, there have been reports that teams of voucher vultures who are prepared to break the law are distracting players who have a large balance in a slot machine whilst another of the team members presses the cash out button and legs it with the payout voucher!

Just make sure you keep your eyes on your slot machine at all times, and also treat your cash out vouchers as cold hard cash, for if you ever do misplace, lose or even get robbed of those vouchers there is usually nothing that the casino can do for you!