Slot Machine RTP’s Can and Do Often Vary from Casino to Casino

I am fairly confident that if you have been playing slots for any length of time that you will have your own set of personal favourite slot machines, those being the ones that you always play whenever you come across them.

If like me you tend to play online, at mobile casinos and also in land based casino venues then you may have discovered that you seem to win more at one or a handful of casinos and never seem to win or get much play time at other casinos.

What you do need to be aware of is that each casino you play in with often have the ability of altering and adjusting the payout percentages that each of the slot machines on offer can and will play out with, and those casinos you tend to always seem to lose at will be places offering much lower payout percentages than the casinos you get more winning payouts and longer slot playing sessions at.

Bricks and Mortar casinos tend to keep the RTP’s of their slot machines a closely guarded secret and it can be like getting blood out of a stone trying to find out which slots on offer on their gaming floors have been set with high payout percentages.

However, when you set about playing at online and mobile casino sites you will often find the RTP’s of each slot game listed on the websites of those sites, or on the pay tables of the slot machines. Some slot game designers tuck away the all important payout percentages of their slots on the help files, but with some detractive work you can usually find out that information.

Many slot players who do play online an mobile slots will have discovered that some slot game designers have chosen to set their slots to play with a set in stone RTP, no matter at which casinos sites you choose to play at.

That is certainly the case when playing slot games designed and supplied by companies such as Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt. However, there are some slot game designers who give the operators of their slot machines the option of choosing one of several different RTP’s to have on offer on their slots.

Companies such as Real Time Gaming for example have been found to offer three different RTP settings to casino sites using their gaming platforms and range of games, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out which of the three options most of those casino sites tend to utilize, those are of course the lowest RTP settings!

When challenged as to why their slot games have been set low many casino operators using RTG games will say they offer their players much larger bonus offers, and as such to compensate for those higher valued bonuses they set their slots with the lowest possible payout percentages!

With that in mind as a player you are best off playing at any casino site that does not have an option to play around with their slot game RTP’s, irrespective of whether their bonuses are high in value or not, as you should be demanding the best chances of winning, which is what will be on offer if you stick to playing slots with high RTP’s and at casinos that have set in stone long term expected RTP’s!