Slot Machine RTP’s Are No Longer a Closely Guarded Secret!

With many visitors to places such as Las Vegas who are avid slot players now staying for more than a few days, it is always going to be the case that a slot player on a slightly longer than average vacation is going to want their gambling bankroll to last as long as is possible!

Even when you are sat at home playing at an online casino site or are playing on your mobile device, you will not want your gambling budget to be eaten up too quickly, and will therefore be looking for ways to get the maximum amount of play time from your slot playing bankroll.

Apart from utilizing any free slot play a bricks and mortar casino may have offered you to visit their venue or the bonuses that online and mobile casinos allow their players to claim when they make a deposit, there are other ways that you can utilize in an attempt to make your bankroll stretch as far as it possibly can do.

You could opt to play slot machines for very low stake amounts, and by doing so you are always going to get more play time from that bankroll than you would when playing for higher stake amounts.

However, by far and away the best way that you are always going to get more winning spins, higher paying bonus games and plenty of additional play time is by you actively tracking down only those slot machines to play that have been designed with higher than average payout percentages.

There was a time that as a slot player you would rarely if ever be able to find out what the payout percentages were on slot machines in any playing environment, for casino operators and often the slot machine designers themselves would look at that information as highly confidential which if known by their competitors could see their competitors offering higher paying slots.

That has fortunately all changed in recent years, much more so in both the online and mobile playing environments. For with the advent of new Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities who now license and regulate casino sites available to players in different countries, many of those Commissions and Authorities require their gaming license holders to make available the expected long term payout percentages to players.

You will therefore often find that when you visit any casino website, somewhere on that website will be a list of all games available, and alongside each game will be the payout percentage or the house edge that each game has been designed to play out with.

If you cannot find the payout percentages and/or the house edges on a casinos website then look on the pay tables or look on the help files attached to each game, as those are two additional places casino game designers often put that information.

Should you not be able to locate that important payback information, and the casino will not make it available to you that should be a red flag, and as such you will be best avoiding playing at that site as the payout percentages on the games at that site could be very, very low indeed!