Slot Games Offering Randomly Added Wild Symbols

Most modern day slot games and slot machines may have some form of randomly awarded feature on offer to players. Those random features make slots much more exciting to play as you will never know when they will suddenly be awarded to you.

Some slot machines, much more so those that have recently been launched online will offer some form of bonus feature that could see any number of wild symbols suddenly being added to the reels, the Immortal Romance slot game for example has a wild reel bonus feature.

That randomly awarded wild reel feature offers a potentially massive winning payout, due to the fact when awarded to you one to five of its video reels get turned completely wild, and all players of that slot will dream of getting all five reels turning when as soon as that feature does come their way!

Another slot game that does offer random wild symbols is the Jonny Spectre slot, that slot game is designed and supplied by a company called Microgaming, and as such you will have to track down a casino sites offering their range of games if you do fancy playing it online.

What happens when playing the Jonny Spectre slot game is that there will be a small Ghost like animation wandering around the slot game screen as you are playing off any base game spin, and once the reels have all come to a stop that symbol will then latch itself onto a randomly selected reel position!

When it does so no matter what symbol is underneath the Ghost symbol then becomes a wild symbol. Whilst at times that Ghost wild symbol will not help you form any winning combinations, there are times when it can do so and may even help you form a huge paying winning combination too!

Such slot games that do offer random wild symbols can at times be a little annoying or frustrating to play, for there are never going to be any guarantees when any number of wild symbols do get randomly attached to any reel positions that they will help you form any winning combinations, and you can often experience a lot of near misses too!

However, the longer you play such slot games the more chances you will have of those random wild symbols helping you form some sizable winning payouts. But try and play such slots that offer an optional pay line playing structure with every single payline activated and in live play.

That way as soon as any random wild symbols do come into play you will have at the very least the maximum number of chances of the wild symbols help you form one or more winning combinations.

Plus, you will also have the maximum number of chances of winning with the help of those random wild symbols if and when you trigger a bonus game on those slots, such as a set of free spins!

Plenty of Choice Playing Online Slots with Random Wild Symbols!

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You will initially be able to boost your slot playing bankroll by making use of no deposit or deposit match type bonuses, and once you have utilized those initial bonuses there will be plenty of ongoing bonuses also available to you too.

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