Skill Slot Machines Aimed at Millennials So Why Pick Space Invaders?

You have probably been reading the hype of a brand new generation of slot machine, that were predicted to bring a new, much younger generation of slot players flooding into land based casinos.

Those being a range of slots on which there was some form of true skill element to them. The skill based aspect is what was thought would appeal to those younger players. It was ultimately decided that by basing the theme of such slots around a video game then those players would feel quite at home playing them.

However, if that is the case and you are trying to attract younger slot players through your casino doors why would you install a slot machine that themed around Space Invaders, a video game which harks all the way back to the 1970’s!

It is Scientific Games or much more so their company WMS that have designed and have just launched the Space Invaders slot game, and whilst we are sure it will appeal to many slot players who fondly remember the original video game back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, we are fairly confident a much younger demographic of slot player will have no interest in playing it what so ever.

The reason being, whilst at the time of its launch the original Space Invaders video game did set a record in regards to income generated from coin operated video games, the modern day video game player is used to high definition graphics, at the very least sampled and stereo sound effects and a game play that is going to blow them away with excitement.

Manoeuvring a canon from left to right across the screen trying to shoot a few alien invaders is hardly going to get those younger potential slot players forming a queue to play such machines, what on earth was Scientific Games thinking!

Early reports suggest that these machines are not proving to be as popular as was hoped, and whilst it is very true to say that any new slot machines wheeled out on a gaming floor are going to generate some interest from players, and may show an increase in income when compared to the machines they replaced, we doubt these machines are going to catch on, or maybe they will but with players well over 40!

The Space Invaders slot, in case you are interested has been designed as a 60 pay line slot, and those pay lines are spread over six video reels.

Whilst players are able to play the base game much like they would any other video slot machines and then trigger the Space Invader skill based bonus game via that base game, players do get the option of bypassing the base game and being able to simply pay an increase stake and get straight into that bonus game.

To be fair it is still very early days in regards to skill based slot machines, but we will be very eagerly awaiting the next batch of these types of slot machines when they are wheeled out onto gaming floors, to see if they are actually aimed at a younger and not older generation of slot player!