Rubbing, Punching or Banging a Slot Machine Won´t Help You Win!

You are going to come across a number of what can be best described a weird slot players when in a bricks and mortar casino, and having played in more casinos that I can care to remember I certainly have come across some right bloody weirdo’s!

However, apart from the usual drink or drug addled lunatics who think a casino gaming floor is their own personal play ground, I am often amused with the slot players who seem not to care what other players may think of their strange habits when playing their favourite slot machines.

There does appear to be a group of slot players who for whatever reason seem to think that rubbing the screen of a video slot as the reels are spinning will give them a much greater chance of winning, even when experience must by now have taught them that rubbing a slot games screen does not make any difference to the way a slot will play and pay.

I have also seen some quite angry slot players over the years, and there are still many players out there who will never be afraid of giving a slot machine that is playing cold or has just swallowed up their bankroll a good whack! In fact, I have seen the odd player punching a slot machines screen so violently they have managed to smash the screen.

If you are the type of slot player who does occasionally have a fit of rage when playing then maybe you should either cut back on your slot playing sessions or refrain from gambling altogether, or one good idea would be to play from your own home online, where the only damage you could cause will be to your own personal property.

What many players can and do often experience when playing slot machines is a trance like state of mind, where they seem oblivious to everything that is going on around them and get totally enveloped into the slot they are playing.

That is actually what most slot designers are hoping you will do when playing their slot machines as you are much more likely to continue playing such a slot and will in turn lose more money, much more so if you do have a good run of luck and do not come to your senses and hit the cash out button.

If you are about to visit a casino or play slot machines in any playing environment, then always try and keep your head clear, never let a slot machine get the better of you and always set yourself some limits.

As that way if you do have the will power to stop playing when you are losing, or when you are winning you put yourself in a position where you cannot lose those winnings back to the casino then you are unlikely to want to put your fist through the slot you have been playing, which by the way is something that can hurt!