Robbing a Slot Machine and its Contents in Full Public View

There is nothing a determined slot machine cheat will not try in an attempt to get his or her hands on the contents of a slot machine. However, over the years there have been some outrageous attempts, many of them successful at ripping off and thieving from all manner of slot and fruit machines.

One of the more unusual ways a team of slot cheats have been able to do so is by pretending to be the supplier of a slot machine to pubs, clubs and in fact anywhere fruit machines are located, and then removing the machine and its contents, and it is the way the way the scam artists pulled off this scam which is rather ingenuous.

In fact, pretending to be the slot or fruit machine supplier does need to be planned in quite some detail, which will usually involve adorning a van used to remove the machine in the logo of the company that does supply that machine, and also wearing uniforms much like the ones slot machine engineers wear too.

However, to lay the ground so to speak one of the team of robbers will need to first contact the venue that is the one to be targeted and let the staff of that venue know they are going to have the gaming machine updated, that way the staff are expecting a visit.

Often when making that phone call the team member would ask the employee answering the phone to get one of the engineers to call the head office for one thing or another, to add a bit of realness to the call.

The ground was then all set and into the venue about to be robbed would appear a couple of supposed engineers with a sack trolley, and the employees of that venue would then happily point them in the direction of the slot or fruit machine to be replaced.

One of the fake slot engineers would then request a signature on an official looking piece of paper to complete the scam, and then the slot machine would be wheeled out of the venue, often with the employees of that venue helping hold open the doors.

As they manoeuvre the machine out of that venue the fake engineers would then let the employee know they will just load this old machine into their van and would be back in a few minutes with the new one.

However, there is of course no new machine, and once the slot or fruit machine was loaded into the van it would be whisked away never to be seen again. Obviously, eventually the employees of that venue would realise no new machine had been wheeled back in to replace the now missing one but by that time it was too late as the machine and the slot thieves would be long gone!

It may sound one of the most bizarre and brazen ways of robbing a slot machine, however this scam has been pulled time and time again over the years, usually at venues that are not fitted with CCTV cameras!