Slots Explained: Return-To-Player Percentages

Even if you’ve been playing slots for years, some of the lingo can remain a little confusing. Return To Player, or RTP if you’re into abbreviations, pops up in almost every single slot review you read online. And yes, that includes our reviews.

It’s human nature to just skim over a term you don’t understand and not really take the time to figure out what it means. But this one is one worth knowing. In actual fact, slots experts rely on this little number to decide what games to play.

If you play a lot, it’s worth your while to figure it out. And even if you’re just a small-time, recreational player, it’s a good thing to have in the back of your mind too.

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Now back to the return-to-player goodness.

Tell me what Return-To-Player means

Return-To-Player is usually expressed as a percentage. That percentage is the amount that players can expect to get back during long-term play of a particular slots game.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how that works:

  • A slots game has a Return-To-Player percentage of 98.21%
  • A player wagers £1,000 playing this slot
  • That player can expect to get back, on average, £982.10
  • The house, or in our case the online casino, will make a £17.90 profit on that amount of play

Now this is very simplified. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll make back £982.10 exactly. Some players will hit a lucky streak and win much more than that. Whereas others won’t be so lucky and will lose more than that.

Return-To-Player percentages are based on average play. But when you know what the average is, you know about what slots are generally more profitable to play. And if you’re planning on spending a big chunk over, especially over a prolonged period of time, this is important to know.

What are the Return-To-Player regulations in the UK?

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission enforces a law that insists that online casinos must:

  • Clearly show the Return-To-Player percentage on every online slot machines
  • Communicate if this is compensated or random
  • Tell customers what the odds of winning a prize is

If you’re playing in a different country, you might get slightly different laws. But generally speaking, reputable online casinos display everything outlined above.

Are high Return-To-Player slots the best ones to play?

Generally speaking, yes. Why wouldn’t you go for a slot which minimises losses you could incur over time?

But of course it isn’t as simple as that, is it?

There are lots of different slots and lots of different themes. And the one you choose depends on a lot of different things. Sometimes you’ll feel like playing a slot soundtracked by your favourite band. Another night you’ll want to battle dragons. And sometimes you just want all the bonus symbols and mini-games possible.

At Slots Call, we’re all about the love of the game. And we think although it’s good to keep RTP in mind, it shouldn’t be the only reason you play a certain slots game. At their best, slots are a quick bit of fun to keep you entertained mixed with the thrill of possibly winning a little windfall. Your enjoyment should be the main reason you choose to play the slots you choose to play. But Return-To-Player percentages are a little guiding light to give you an inside track on what you can expect to get out of the game.