We are great believers that everyone should be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it, as long as they are abiding by the laws of the land of course and enjoying themselves too.

However, having said that as our entire site is dedicated to slot playing and gambling in general we are aware, as you no doubt will be that gambling for some people can be a problem and a major problem too.

As such we are not going to be giving you lectures on why you should always gamble responsibly and always set yourself a limit in regards to how much you gamble and when you choose to gamble, but we will pass onto you a few ways that you can put into place a responsible gambling strategy and also where you can seek help and support if you do find your gambling is getting out of control.

When playing slot machines every player is going to lose at some point in time, and most slot players over their life time will be showing a loss, and sometimes you can go on long losing streaks that can often leave you feeling downhearted or even depressed.

That is something you should never put yourself through and as such please consider taking a break from gambling if things are not going your way, if you cannot control your urge to carry on playing slot machines when you can least afford to do so then whether you like it or not you have a problem and should seek help and support with that problem.

There are organisations such as GamCare in the UK or Gamblers Anonymous who have meeting places all over the world that you can attend if you want practical help and support at stopping gambling, and those meetings are worth attending if your gambling is seriously getting out of control.

In fact both GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous have very helpful and informative websites that you can make use of if you need help controlling or giving up gambling or if you are worried about someone you know who is showing signs of having a gambling related problem.

If you feel that your gambling is not that serious a problem but you would like to take a break from gambling and you tend to play mainly online or on your mobile device then consider making use of one of the many “take a break” options that both online and mobile casino sites and apps make available to their customers.

You can of course self exclude yourself from any licensed gambling site or land based casino, however that is looked upon as something of a last resort, but if you do want to give up gambling then that is an option you should make use of.

When you do self exclude yourself from any gambling related venue or site you will not be permitted to gamble at those sites again, and you will also be banned from signing up to and then gambling at any associated sites owned by the same company as per their own unique responsible gambling policies.

You will often see the term “when the fun stops, stop” at casino sites and venues and many slot players at some time or another, when they are losing will feel they are no longer having fun and that is exactly the time as the saying goes that you should stop playing and go and do something else instead.