Pros and Cons of Playing Multi-Player Slot Games Online

You will find a small number of what are known as multi-player slot games when you choose to play at some online casino sites. However, you may never have played such slots before and may be wondering if they are going to be worth playing.

The basic idea behind multi-player slot games is that you play them alongside other players online, and you are able to interact with those other players via a chat room.

However, what the range of slot games designed as multi-player slots designed by Microgaming all offer is a bonus game that as soon as it is triggered all players playing that slot get to play off that bonus game all at the same time.

Obviously the winnings achieved on each individual bonus game played off by each individual player will be different, however if you are looking for something of a much more social type of slot playing experience online, then they may be slot games worth checking out and playing.

But to be perfectly honest having given some of those types of slots some play time recently I found them to be nothing special, in fact the chat room feature which allows you to chat to other players is annoying, as can be those other players rambling on too!

I suppose that if for example you have any friends or relatives living far away from where you live who do like to gamble and play slot machines and slot games, then you may find playing alongside them online will be something you will enjoy doing.

In regards to the types of bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered by all players at the same time, they are just the standard ones and as such you can expect to trigger free spins and wheel spinning bonus games too when playing such slots.

As it stands it is only at Microgaming software powered casino sites that we have seen such slots on offer, and there are only a handful of them available too.

Those multi-player slot games have actually been around for quite a number of years, and due to the simple fact that Microgaming has not been busy churning out more and more of them in recently years, that is probably a good indication of how popular they are with players!

The other types of slot playing environments you will find multi-player slot games on are of course slot tournaments, and whilst you will not usually be able to interact with other players via things such as a chat room when playing off your entry in an online slot tournament, you will be aiming to achieve a higher score than all other players to win one of the tournament prizes.

Some land based casinos also offer community styled multi-player slot machines, however as you are always going to be able to sit anywhere you want in such a venue and play any type of slot machine and interact with who you want to interact with those land based slot machines may or may not appeal to you!