Is This The Most Fun Type Of Slot?

Whatever you’re doing today, we’re betting you’ve got a little bit of spare time to dedicate to the reels. And okay, you could just go straight to spinning the reels. But why not take a few minutes to learn something new. Or refresh your mind about something you already love. Because today we’re talking about progressive jackpot slots.

Progressive jackpot slots are one of our absolute favourite types of slots to play. We’re going to run you through just a few reasons why we think you should hunt them out today.

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Tell me more about progressive jackpot slots

So, progressive jackpot slots are special for one reason. And we’ll give you a little hint. The clue is in the name.

A progressive jackpot is big pool of money that gradually builds up. Then it can be triggered by one lucky player who gets a massive payday.

When you go to an online casino’s slots page, you see some slots with counters on them. These are progressive jackpots. Look closely and you’ll see what figure the progressive jackpot has reached.

How does a progressive jackpot get bigger?

With progressive jackpot slots, the progressive jackpot grows every time a player places a wager on that particular slot.

So for example, if you spin the reels at a progressive jackpot slot, a percentage of the money you spend on the reels will go towards the progressive jackpot.

The more people spending more money, the faster the progressive jackpot grows.

When can I hit the progressive jackpot?

Generally speaking, the progressive jackpot in progressive jackpot slots can be triggered any time.

Sometimes it takes days, weeks or months before a progressive jackpot is triggered.

However, there are certain progressive jackpot slots with slightly different rules. Some of them won’t be triggered until they reach a particular minimum jackpot amount and some of them are triggered at regular intervals, for example, there are some progressive jackpot slots that promise to give away their spoils daily.

Why are some of these slots called hot?

This hot term refers to slots that haven’t had their progressive jackpot triggered in a while. The logic goes that if it hasn’t been triggered, it’s gotta happen sooner rather than later…

Are there any tips for playing these slots?

Okay, now this is where you start getting into murky territory. As you know if you play slots with any regularity, there are loads of myths that go along with playing them.

At the end of the day though, they’re random. So no amount of spinning three times in quick succession while crossing your fingers really hard will guarantee a win.

However, there is one thing we would look out for. If there is a progressive jackpot that doesn’t pay out until it reaches a particular amount, then just wait for a while to play until the jackpot is at least at that level.

Also, pay attention to the progressive jackpot slots that don’t have the very highest jackpots. If you go for say the third or fourth biggest jackpot on the site, chances are fewer people are playing. If fewer people are playing, you might have a slightly better chance at triggering.