Pre-Determined Slot Game Bonus Rounds and Features

It is at the point in time that you hit, tap or click on the spin button when playing slot machines that the outcome of that spin will be determined by a random number generator.

It is also worth pointing out that most if not all slot machines will also at the same time as you send the reels spinning determine the outcome of any bonus games that could be awarded to you will play out and pay out too.

However, what you will find is that there are a number of pick and win or pick and match bonus games that could be triggered when you are playing some slot games that are not pre-determined, which means it is how you play off that bonus game that will determine what you win.

The usual way to tell if any slot does have a pre-determined bonus game is by looking at the bonus game screen as soon as you have made your last selection on any type of bonus game feature.

If the slot reveals to you what was hiding under any locations you didn’t pick then that bonus game is not a pre-determined one, however if the slot doesn’t show you what coin values where hiding under any locations you didn’t pick then that bonus game is pre-determined!

If you are put off playing such slots games, then be aware there are now quite a number of different slots available which offer players a true skill type of playing experience, when their bonus games have been awarded to players.

There are new breeds of slot machines being rolled out on gaming floors in places such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas that have true skill bonus games and as such it is the way you play off those bonus games that directly affects just how much you will win from them.

Also, if you are in the UK you will find many Fruit Machines are they are known will offer all manner of different types of true skill bonus games and bonus features to you when playing those types of gaming machines.

In fact, quite a number of online casino sites and mobile casino sites offer a range of Fruit Machines to players. Just be aware that land based Fruit Machines can often be set with appallingly low payout percentages, and as such you should only play the ones available with higher than average RTP’s, which are usually the online versions of those gaming machines!

At the end of the day though, always keep in mind any casino styled slot machines you do end up playing are completely random by their design, and as such you are going to experience winning sessions and losing sessions when playing them.

There will never be a way of determining whether you are going to have a winning or losing session before you start to play them, and as such always keep that in mind as you have to take the rough with the smooth as a slot player, no matter what types of slot games you play or where you choose to play them!