Players Card Upgrade

A casinos comp club player’s card is every players key to receiving lots of additional extras when they use that card every time they play slot machines or in fact gamble on any type of casino game. However, with every casino offering a multi-tiered players club it can cost you a lot of money to work your way up through the tiers of such a club to get your hands on the much bigger and much more generous rewards.

The savviest player will set about finding a casino resort they like staying at then will concentrate the highest proportion of their gaming action at that site each time they visit places such as Vegas or Laughlin as by doing so they will have shown a true commitment to gamble at that site and their casino host will always ensure their action gets rewarded.

However, many players like to wander around and play at many different casinos, and one of the downsides of doing so is that your slot playing gaming action is not going to be rewarded as heavily if you do visit a new casino you have never played at before and then sign up to that venues players club, as you will then start off on the lowest tier of their players club.

That is something that many casinos promotions teams and player development teams are fully aware of and one thing you are going to occasionally come across are casinos that will now match your tier level earned at one of their competitors casinos.

When we visited Laughlin in Nevada recently we found that by visiting the Golden Nugget Casino, if you have another player’s card from another casino that is a higher ranked card then the Golden Nugget will match your status with their player’s card!

It is not only in Laughlin you will get your players card upgraded and your tier status matched, for over in Vegas the Stratosphere Casino has recently launched a similar scheme, and as such if you have earned a much higher rating at another casino and you fancy a change of scenery and wish to play somewhere else when either in Laughlin or Las Vegas then do consider visiting and signing up to the players clubs at the Golden Nugget or at the Stratosphere Casino.

With more and more people now choosing to play slot machines on their mobile devices or at home on their home computers you may be wondering if it is possible for you to get your players club status earned at another online or mobile casino site at any similar site.

Sadly that is something we have not seen being offered from such sites, however as soon as a savvy online or mobile casino sites promotions manager reads this article he or she may decide to offer a similar thing to their players, which could be an ideal way for those sites to get lots of new players, as long as their players cub is a highly rewarding one, which sadly not that many online and mobile players clubs are!