Paying for Demo Mode Credits? What is Wrong With You!

Ok, I do enjoy playing slot machines, and have been know to spend a small fortune doing so. However, when playing I am always aware of the risks and much like everyone else, sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, as long as I get plenty of play time from my bankroll I am happy, well as happy as someone who does like the occasional rant can be.

I have seen quite a number of online casinos and mobile casino apps being offered by huge and so called well respected bricks and mortar casinos, however with many of those casinos being based in the U.S.A., due to the legalities surrounding gambling online being not as liberal as in most other countries those companies have chosen to offer only free play slot machines and other casino games as opposed to real money casino games.

That is all well and good, as no bricks and mortar casino operator is going to want to risk their gambling license doing anything that is classed as illegal, which offering real money online casino games in the U.S. apparently is.

But, and this is something I am struggling to get my head around, why do those casinos initially offer their players a free set of demo mode credits to access those casino games, and then charge REAL MONEY for those players to top up their demo mode credits when they have run out of them?

As you cannot win real money when playing with demo mode credits, what type of a slot player must you be to pay for demo mode credits? Sure, I have seen some of those online and mobile casino sites offering their players thing such as 10% of their deposits being added to their Players Club Card which they can use when they next visit the casino property, but 10%? That should be 100% surely?

I am aware that whilst a slot player may at any time get the urge to play their favourite slot machines, they may not have the time to visit a bricks and mortar casino and could live hundreds of miles away from such a venue, and would then much prefer to play their favourite slot machines from the comfort of their own homes via their computers or mobile devices, but how tapped in the head must you be to pay for the privilege of playing those free play slot machines!

It would not be so bad if you were charged a very nominal amount for a set of free play casino credits, if say the full amount was credited to your Players Club Card or the cash went to charity, but I have seen casinos charging $50, $100 and in one case $199 for free play credits, and that casino had the audacity to claim that their $199 package was the “best valued one”- Oh do F*** Off!

If you like playing slot machines and want to play from home or from anywhere for free on your mobile devices then please, look around the web for sites that will allow you to do so without you being forced to have to pay for the privilege.

Any casino executive reading this who has chosen to operate a free play casino site but charge their players for the privilege of doing so, shame on you!