Palazzo Visitor Bags a Huge Wheel of Fortune Progressive Jackpot

The size of the progressive jackpots you will see spinning around and goring in value on the jackpot meters of any progressive slot games in Las Vegas are often going to lure you into playing those slot games!

However, one thing to always keep in mind when you do set about playing such slot games which have a networked progressive jackpot is that the chances of you winning one of those life changing jackpots are always going to be tiny!

But due to the way that each of them have been designed, as long as you play any progressive jackpot awarding slot machine in such a way that you have the jackpot element of the slot activated then any spin you do play off could be a winning one.

One thing that puts me off playing such slots is that it is a well known fact they come with rather low and unappealing payout percentages, often way lower than are attached to any other slot games available in any casino venue.

There will however always be a time when a progressive jackpot does payout its jackpot, and that is something that has just happened over at the Palazzo Casino in Las Vegas, for one lucky player has just won big playing the Wheel of Fortune Double 3X4X5X Pay Multi-Play slot machine.

That slot is of course one of the series of Wheel of Fortune slot machines designed and launched by IGT and that player walked off last Saturday with a jackpot worth some $727,000!

It was the 25 cent version of that slot machine that player was playing and as is always the case with that particular slot, players are required to wager 12 coins per spin to have a change of winning the jackpot, and as such that players was indeed player for a stake of $3.00 per spin.

As soon as any IGT progressive jackpot slot game has awarded its jackpot that jackpot then does reset to its seed value, and for reference the seed value on the 25 cent versions of the Wheel of Fortune Double 3X4X5X Pay Multi-Play slot machine is a cool $200,000.

There is going to be a decision now to be made by that slot player, and that will be to either accept a single lump sum payment of a percentage of the jackpot, or choose to be paid out the full amount but over a number or years in instalments!

If you are about to set forth playing slot machines in Vegas in the coming days, then you will probably be best advised to steer clear of playing that slot!

The reason for us saying that is simple, and that is that the chances of its jackpot being won again are very low.

So with that in mind look out for some other progressive jackpot slots which currently boast jackpots that have not been won recently. In fact, ideally look out for and play those on which their respective jackpots are higher than the average amount paid out to winning players, as those jackpots will be overdue!