Our Favourite Games At Our Favourite New Online Casino

Last month we told you all about the new online casino Pennsylvania iLottery. It’s a great new online casino with a brilliant variety of promotions and a streamlined selection of games. Even though you won’t find dozens and dozens of games here, what you will find is pure quality.

We’re going to give you a run-through of some of our favourite options that you can check out the next time you’re at PA iLottery.

Crossword Cash

We have a confession to make. We’re the kind of person you see on the train or the bus struggling over a crossword. We can spend hours pouring over it and filling it out. And inevitably, half the answers don’t match up in the end. But it’s still fun while we’re doing it.

So that’s why we absolutely love Crossword Cash. Designed by Speciality Games, this is an instant win game with a fun letter match theme. All you have to do to win cash prizes is match your letters to those displayed on the grid. Match more, win more. Easy.

You can garner a cash prize for as few as three words, but the biggest prize comes if you can match 10 words.

Bigfoot Reveal

You might already be familiar with the Bigfoot slot. However, Bigfoot Reveal is just as exciting. This instant win game is all about matching three symbols in a row to win your cash prizes. You get four shots at this every time you play, so there are lots of chances to get your prizes.

Speaking of prizes, you can get up to 1,000x your stake in one fell swoop. And symbols include Bigfoot, footprints, owls, backpackers and much more fun themed pictures.

Overall, this wander through wilderness to see if Bigfoot is real is really worth your while. We’re not quite sure if the mythical figure exists outside of online casinos, but this is definitely making us think twice about it…

Cash Buster Towers

Another Speciality Games designed slot, Cash Buster Towers has the chance to win instant cash prizes and play brilliant mini games too.

It’s a lot like a slot, but don’t expect reels or paylines. Instead you destroy parts of colourful towers and your prize is slowly revealed as they crumble.

Arrows, numbers, stars and circles all signify different types of wins. The stars and arrows are bonus symbols. Get four of them and you’ll gain entry into mini games where you can either spin the wheel or play a card game.

Meanwhile, four circles or more mean you’ll get an instant prize. The more circles, the bigger your prize.

Sign up to Pennsylvania iLottery now and get $5 free. To get your welcome offer, simply use bonus code WINNER when you sign up. On top of that, you’ll also get 50% extra bonus cash when you do make a deposit.

Pennsylvania iLottery players must be physically within the borders of Pennsylvania. They must also be at least 18 years of age to sign up and play. Other terms and conditions may apply.