Optional Pay Lines

You should only ever set about playing slot machines if you can of course afford to do so, but what you should always be looking to do is to find a range of different slots to play that can be configured so that that are suitable for you in regards to their staking options dependent on how much you have available as your slot playing bankroll.

Therefore we would like to introduce to you a range of fully configurable slot machines that are collectively known as Optional Pay-Line slots, and when playing them you have full control over just how many pay-lines you can put into live play per spin.

The main advantage of playing one of these types of slots is that you are going to be able to put into play not only as many or as few lines as you can afford to put into play but you are also going to be able to select a different coin value too.

So when playing for example a 25 pay-line slot machine you can put into play as little as one line per spin or as many as 25 lines per spin. The coin value settings on such a slot can often be set as low as just one penny, so if you are a very, very low stake slot playing you can set each spin to play off with just one line in play on coin values of just one penny so each spin will cost you 0.01.

Obviously the more lines you do decide to put into play the more winning opportunities you will get on each spin played off, so always try and activate as many pay-lines as you can for the more lines you do activate the more chances of spinning in multiple winning combinations you will have.

Both three reel and video slots will offer optional pay-line playing structures, and as such you are going to find more than enough slot machines to play on which you are always able to decide just how many lines you have in play.

If you are looking for slot machines offering both a fixed line playing structure and one or more bonus games then you will also find plenty of those types of slots on offer.

However, keep in mind it will be the way that the bonus game is triggered and awarded to you that that will ultimately determine just how many times you are likely to trigger that bonus game when playing any such slot.

If you intend to put into play fewer than the maximum number of lines on offer on any bonus game awarding slot machine, then look out for slots that award their bonus game via a set of spun in scatter symbols, as opposed to slot machines that award their bonus games by you having to line up bonus symbols on an activated pay-line.

When playing slots offering a bonus game triggered by a set of scatter symbols you will have the same chance of triggering those bonus games irrespective of how many lines you have put into play! Playing a slot on which you have to line up bonus symbols on an activated pay-line to trigger the bonus game the fewer lines you activate the lower your chances will become of triggering that bonus game.