OpenBet Slot Machines With the Highest Payout Percentages

One of the, not that well known slot game designers, whose surprisingly large range of slot machines can be found and played at many different online casinos is OpenBet, and as part of our ongoing series of guides that are going to let you know which slots are the ones worth playing, this guide will introduce you to the slots from OpenBet that have the highest payout percentages.

One thing that you should always keep in mind in regards to any slot games published payout percentage, is that the figures quoted will be the long term expected RTP’s those being the amount of cash that is expected to be returned to players as winning payouts over a long number of spins.

So even though the slot games that do boast the highest payout percentages do look appealing, be aware that the RTP you can and will achieve on any one slot playing session on any slot machine, either one with a high RTP or a low RTP can and will vary on each of those session you  have.

We always advise players to play only those slots that have a payout percentage of over 96.00% as those slots give them a fair chance of winning more over the long term, however sadly the only slot from OpenBet with a payout percentage of 96.00% is the Astro Fruit slot!

As such all of their other slot games at the time of compiling this guide have RTP’s that are lower than 96.00%, however we may as well let you know which are their slots which do have higher RTP’s than their other ones and as such consider playing the Sky Millions slot which has a payout percentage of a certified and fully verified 95.80%.

A slot that can be a rather fast paying one and one that comes with a slightly lower RTP than the one above is the Atomic Fruit slot game and when playing that slot you will find it boasts a payout percentage of some 95.60%.

One action packed video slot that you may very quickly warm to once those bonus games and its bonus features are triggered and awarded to you is the Stargate SG-1 slot, just be aware that its payout percentage is not that high at some 95.40%!

If you look out for and seek slot machines to play that come with some form of out of this world theme then another OpenBet designed slot you may find worth tracking down and play is the Planet X slot and by playing it over the long term you can expect a payout percentage of some  95.30%.

The RTP’s of all other OpenBet designed slot games really will put you off playing them and there are some much higher paying slots from other designers you can freely play online, however one other OpenBet slot which does have a payout percentage higher than 95.00% is the Cash Drop slot and that RTP is 95.20%.