Online Casinos Can Be a Law Unto Themselves!

I often find it amusing to visit websites such as Trip Advisor and read through some of the reviews and comments left by very disgruntled holiday makers, those of course being the ones who have made the mistake of staying at some of the not so high class hotels across the globe.

What can often be just as amusing is the way in which the hotel manager or the property’s owner will respond to such reviews or derogatory comments.

However, what you are also going to come across online are many websites that try and act as a middleman between a casino and the player in the hope that any problems a player may have experienced when playing at a casino site are going to be settled through open and public discussion between both parties.

Having read through some of the back and forth replies on such websites from players and the owners or operators of some casino sites though, it would appear that many casinos are a law unto themselves, and will pull every single trick in the book not to pay out a player, often the players who have won big.

Whilst it is true to say that there are some players who may have fallen foul of one or more terms and conditions attached to say a bonus offer, and therefore have given up the right of cashing out their winnings, some casino operators can and do make complete fools of themselves and can reveal much more about the way they look at and treat their customers through their replies to complaints.

One recent complaint that did amuse me involved a player had won a fairly sizeable amount of cash when playing with his own cash, and as such there was no bonus credits involved, but was denied his not so insignificant payout by the casino.

The reason given was that as he played for a certain stake amount and had previously claimed a bonus he was therefore bound by the rules of that previously claimed bonus, on which he was obliged to play for lower stakes than he actually played for when playing with his own cash!

Once this outrageous behaviour was pointed out to the casino owner he then went on to try and find another reason not to play the player, and announced that as the phone number the player had used when registering as a new player at that site, several years ago, was no longer in use the player had fallen foul of another rule of the casino!

It was then discovered that the additional rule regarding out of date phone numbers was added to the terms and conditions on the casinos website a day earlier!

The lesson to be learned from this sorry tale is to only play at casinos that are fully licensed and regulated and hold a gambling licence issued by a Gambling Commission that has some teeth and has a complaints procedure in place that any disgruntled players can make use of, and one that will guarantee all complaints will be fairly and independently investigated too!