Casino Resorts and Hotels with No Resort Fees

Most gamblers are going to want to experience all that Las Vegas has to offer them at some point in their life, however for the first time visitor there are going to be lots of pitfalls you can fall into that could cost you a small fortune, even before you hit the gaming floors!

The very first thing that you will have to decide is how you are going to get to Vegas, and once you have booked your flights you will then have to decide where you want to stay.

There are always going to be special offers available in regards to hotel rooms and suites, much more so if you make use of any of the many different websites that do an air travel and hotel package.

However, one thing many people are unaware of is that when staying in Vegas on top of your hotel room or suite cost you are going to have to pay a resort fee, and depending on which hotel you choose to stay in that resort fee could be almost as much as the nightly room or suite fee!

What those resort fees pay for are the use of any additional facilities at the property you are staying at which could be the swimming pools, gym and even additional things such as Wi-Fi, however many people are only aware of the resort fees once they check in when they are required to pay for them.

Obviously if you have been given a room or suite comp by your Casino Host then you will not usually be required to pay the resort fees for those nights, but it is something you will need to be aware of and find out just how high those resort fees are before you book a room or suite!

If the thought of paying often hundreds of Dollars on top of the price of your accommodation in resort fees puts you off visiting Las Vegas then there are some excellent alternatives, one being the town of Laughlin which is in Nevada and around an hour’s drive away from the centre of Vegas.

Laughlin has its own strip of casinos and it does have to be said the town is much safer, friendlier and does have some stunning surrounding scenery, and being set on the banks of the Colorado River you are going to see fresh flowing water and lots of wildlife too, which is something you are going to be hard pressed to see in Vegas!

Having visited Laughlin several times over the last year I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very enjoyable vacation and somewhere you are going to have just as many gambling opportunities as you would have when in Vegas.

However, one of the main attractions of Laughlin is that you are not going to have to pay any resort fees, nor are you going to have to pay to park your car which is something you also have to pay for when staying at many Vegas casinos!