No One Likes An Angry Slot Player So Don’t Become One!

If there is one thing that drives me up the wall, and will force me to say something to someone to bring them to their senses it’s sitting next to an angry slot player.

Whilst I am more than happy to pass pleasantries with anyone sat near me in a casino playing a slot machine, having to listen to the mad ramblings of a player who is losing is too much to bear.

What I can’t understand is that special breed of slot player, and I’m sure you will have come across them too, who will be sat there ranting and forcing you to listen to how they just know the slot machine they are playing is rigged or fixed.

Surely if you had a suspicion a slot machine was rigged not to payout then you shouldn’t be sat there playing it and feeding into it even more banknotes or coins!

There are of course some slot machines that by their very design can cause even the most placid of slot players to eventually flip over to the dark side and become an angry gambler.

If you are playing a slot which requires two or more scatter or bonus symbols to line up in a certain way to trigger a bonus gae, but they never seem to do so, or you are playing  slot which doesn’t pay out anything once you have played off for example a bonus game, that could drive you nuts eventually, if that keeps on happening.

However, deep down a slot player can get a good feel for the way a slot is playing and paying, and as such if you do start to play a slot which seems to be a little cold, and isn’t firing out any winning payouts, then don’t reach the stage where you do start to rant and moan, simply stop playing it and move onto playing another slot instead!

One way I have found you can get something of a much more rounded slot playing experience is by spreading your slot playing action around. As such and with that in mind split up your bankroll into equal amounts and then play a wide and varied range of different slot machines.

That way you will then not run the risk of playing a cold slot that could eat up your bankroll at a very fast pace of knots, and by swapping and changing the slot machines you do play you may actually start to play one that does payout something of significance!

If you do end up sitting next to a player who is doing nothing but moaning, then unless you are totally engrossed and are enjoying playing the slot next to them, then one of the very best things you can do is move on to play some other slots far away from that person, and not try to reason with them!

In fact, if you do end up agreeing with them if your slot is not paying anything out either, then before you know it you may also turn into an angry slot player, so keep that in mind as it may be contagious!