Early Birds Snag $50 Discount For This Insane NFL Promotion

NFL Pick'em Challenge

Yes, it’s still a little while before football season properly gets underway. We all know that. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start doing a little ground work to find the best promotions out there for the 2020/2021 season. And we reckon the NFL Pick’em Challenge at BetRivers is more than worth your time.

And if you take part sooner rather than later, you can benefit big time.

What is the NFL Pick’em Challenge?

The NFL Pick’em Challenge is a brilliant promotion that’s set to dish out a minimum of $500,000 in cash prizes throughout the duration of the football season.

It dishes out prizes to players who make predictions on what teams will win certain games throughout the season. Not only does it dish out weekly prizes, you’re also in for gigantic seasonwide prizes if you stick it out.

How can I take part in the NFL Pick’em Challenge?

Well the first thing you need to do if you want to take part in the NFL Pick’em Challenge is to sign up for a BetRivers account. You can find a review for the online sportsbook, along with a BetRivers bonus code.

In order to sign up and take part, you have to be physically located within the state borders of Pennsylvania. You also have to be at least 21 years of age. If that sounds like you, you better hop to it and sign up.

After you sign up, you’ve got to buy an entry to the NFL Pick’em Challenge by 23:59 ET on 13 September. In fact, you can buy up to 25 entries if you so wish. The entry fee is $150, however, if you enter early, you can avail of a special discounted price…

Once your signed up, you have to make your predictions each week on the results of Sunday and Monday pro football games that start at 13:00 ET or later.

You’ve got to make your selection between 17:00 ET on Tuesdays and 23:59 ET on Sundays. This repeats each week from 8 September all the way through 3 January.

If my any chance a game is postponed or ends in a tie, everyone is awarded a correct pick.

And in the event that the seasons is eight weeks long or less, your entry fee is refunded.

However, if nine or more weeks are completed, even if the season is cut short, winners will be chosen based on the points totals at the end of the season.

Can I get a discount on my entry?

Yes, you can. To get your discount on your NFL Pick’em Challenge entry, all you need to do is register a little sooner. Buy your entry before 1 September and get $50 off each entry cost.

And if you buy between 1 September and 8 September, you get a $25 discount on each entry.

What are the NFL Pick’em Challenge Prizes?

Like we said before, there’s at least $500,000 in cash prizes that are going to be distributed to winners both on a weekly basis and at the end of the season. Here’s how they’re dished out…

  • Weekly prizes: the player who gets the most correct picks gets $2,500 in cash
  • Season-long prizes: the top 500 players who rank on the NFL Pick’em Challenge leaderboard get cash prizes, ranging from the top prize of $125,000 to the bottom prize of $175
  • Silver lining prize: the player who gets the most incorrect pick gets a $2,500 cash prize