Most Popular Wheel Spinning Slot Game Bonus Features

Some of the payouts you can achieve when playing wheel spinning bonus game awarding slots can be quite low, however there are of course plenty of slots which could offer a progressive jackpot on those types of bonus games.

As a savvy slot player you will of course need to know how a bonus game is triggered, and then work out just what way to play those slots offering a wheel spinning based bonus game to get the best chance of triggering the bonus games.

If you come across a slot on which you are first required to form a line of bonus symbols to trigger the feature, and those symbols have to land from left to right on the screen on an activated payline, then the optimum way to play those slots is with every pay line activated.

There is however plenty of slot games which have such a bonus game on offer which is triggered by scatter symbols, so when playing those slots you have a fair chance of triggering them no matter how many pay lines you activate!

If you come across a slot which offers one or more progressive jackpots via such a bonus game then it is always going to be the best playing strategy for you to only play those slots when their respective jackpots are higher than the average amount they pay out.

If you play a slot on which the progressive jackpot or jackpots have very recently paid out you will simply be feeding those jackpot pools and even if you are lucky to beat the odds and win one of them you will never win as much as you would when the jackpots are higher in value and overdue!

In regards to which slot games are worth playing which a spin the wheel type of bonus game that decision is of course up to you, and in which playing environment you do decide play them.

If you are an online or mobile slot player a couple of great playing slots to consider paying, that do offer life changing jackpot son their respective bonus games are the Microgaming designed Mega Moolah slot and the NetEnt designed Mega Fortune slot.

When playing the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming it doesn’t matter at which stake level you play, for every real money base game spin will give you the chance of triggering the wheel spinning bonus game for it is a randomly awarded one.

In fact, that slot has four different progressive jackpots on offer and when you do trigger that bonus game you are going to be guaranteed of winning one of them.

The Mega Fortune slot form NetEnt however will require you spin in three or more bonus symbols form left to right and on activated pay lines before you will get to play off the bonus game!

As long as you are always aware that when playing such a slot offering that type of bonus game you are not always going to win big when they trigger you will find them fairly entertaining and exciting slots to play!