More Slot Players Now Relying on RTP Tools

You may be the type of slot player who randomly picks out slot machines to play, or you may always return to playing your favourite slot machines when playing in any gambling environment. However, more and more players are turning to RTP tools to help them select a slot machine to play that may just be about to pay out or may be currently paying out.

There are a couple of different tools you can turn to if you are looking to leave the decision of which slots to play up to modern technology, and below we will be taking a look at the pros and cons of those two RTP tools.

When playing at some online casinos you are going to find a special tool known as the Jackpot Thermometer. When you log in to a casino site using the Microgaming supplied gaming platform and scroll through their slot machine games menu alongside each slot you will find a current reading from that Jackpot Thermometer.

What that animation will be displaying is either a hot reading or a cold reading. The way in which it works is that it automatically works out when the slot machines last paid out its jackpot or more than one jackpot and lets you know through a hot reading whether that slot is paying out very well currently or whether the jackpot is overdue and as such hasn’t paid its jackpot or jackpots out recently in which case the reading will be a cold one.

There are some other casinos that have designed their own RTP tools and when you log onto their websites you will be able to access that tool and see which slots are hot, meaning they are paying out more than their expected payout percentage has been set to or whether they are cold meaning the current payout percentage is lower than the one the slot is expected to return to players over the long term.

It has to be pointed out however that as all online slot machines are certified as being random and therefore completely fair, there is no real way of knowing when a slot will payout, and if a slot is paying out and is currently described as “hot” or “loose” it could at any moment stop paying out!

Therefore you should never become too reliant on any type of RTP tool as you may have much better luck by simply selecting the slots to play yourself without the use of such a tool!  One thing is guaranteed however when you do sign up to most online casino sites, and that will be no matter what type of slot games you enjoy playing you will find hundreds of them on offer.

One way you will have a much increased chance of getting more winning combinations over your long term play would be to play the slot machines that have been set with only the highest of payout percentages, so try and do just that!