More Handpays More Often

Slot machines that are set to return much higher payout percentages are always going to be the ones you will want to play in any bricks and mortar casino. However, two identical slots in two different casinos could be set with very different RTP’s!

As such, as a player with some playing experience under your belt, you are going to very quickly get an inclining as to whether the casino you have chosen to play in is offering you a range of slots with high RTP´s when you get stuck into playing several of them.

More winning combinations will spin in on such slots and you often get more bonus games and bonus features triggering too.

We have travelled all over Nevada and have played in probably most of the casinos spread across that US State. However, it was when we ventured into the very first casino we visited in Laughlin that we noticed the slots on offer did give us plenty of extra play time, and there is no doubt in our mind that casino does boast higher than average payout percentages on most of their slot games.

That casino was the Aquarius Casino, and one thing that will become very apparent to you when you do sign up to their Players Club and start to play is that they do look after their players!

In fact, right outside the casino is a huge LED screen on which you will see pictures of players who have very recently bagged some massive jackpots when playing slots and video poker machines inside that casino and displayed on that sign will be the amount of cash those players won and on what machines too. Plus, you will also find details in the local press of just how much the Aquarius has paid out each month in handpays too.

Having taken a quick look at just how much they have paid out in handpays over the last few months we have discovered that in February 2017 they paid out in handpays alone $2,575,544, in January 2017 they pay out $2,631,213 and in the last two months of 2016 they paid out $2,496,975 in December and a huge $2,204,828 in November.

It is quite unusual for any bricks and mortar casino to advertise just how much they have paid out to their players in handpays over any given time period, however the fact that the Aquarius Casino does so gives an indication of just how high paying their slots and other gaming machines are.

There are of course plenty of other casinos in Laughlin, and with competition between those venues being as strong as it is you are going to find that in regards to the payout percentages, the comps and ongoing promotional offers you are going to be very well treated if you do visit any of them and are prepared to gamble.

But as always, do make sure if you ever do wander into any land based casino, whether in Laughlin or anywhere else for that matter, if that casino has a Players Club you must sign up to it and always use your card when gambling to gain access to those additional player benefits!