Mobile Slot Machine Players Encouraged to Deposit By Their Phone Bill!

With the plethora of mobile casino sites that have opened up recently that have chosen to offer players all manner of different slot machines to their customers, one aspect of playing in that environment that will be on offer to you is to have the ability of funding your account by your phone bill!

In fact, more and more mobile casinos have chosen to offer such a deposit option, which gives players short on funds the ability of funding their accounts instantly and not having to worry about paying for those credits until their next mobile phone bill comes in.

Whether you are interested in using such a casino banking option or not, it is one that has proven to be very popular with slot players who want their slot playing fix but have no spare funds to do so, but it is a deposit option that should be looked upon as dangerous, for if you have no self control you could run up a huge phone bill.

Whilst gambling on credit is something many land based casinos will allow you to do, if you have a sufficient credit rating, that is something you are best advised not to do if you do not have the means of paying off your debt if you have taken one onboard and made use of the credit lines at any casino you have visited or are about to visit.

There are of course a few safeguards that are in place when you do decide to top up your mobile casino accounts by having your deposits added onto your next phone bill, the main one being the deposit limits are set quite low and you can only make so many deposits per day, week or month.

There are also risks attached to casino sites offering this type of payment option and those that do have it on offer to their players for if those players do not pay their phone bill the airtime companies may not release the funds to the casino operator.

As such what you are going to find if you do make use of such a service is that if you have a winning session and request a winning payout from the casino site you will, in addition to the usual player verification all players have to go through, which entails players sending in to the casinos copies of their passports, driving licenses and/or a recent utility bill, also need to send in proof that you have paid your mobile phone bills on time too!

Many players have also found that a mobile casino site that does accept such payments will drag their heels when it comes to paying out their winning players who have chosen to deposit by their phone bill, until the casinos have been paid for those deposits by the mobile phone airtime companies!

Just keep in mind that gambling on credit is something that should be avoided, unless you are 100% sure and confident you can pay for those deposits when they are due to be paid.