Microgaming’s Your Gamble Feature Explained

When you play at Microgaming powered casinos you are going to find quite a number of their slot games will offer an optional gamble feature, when you have spun in any number of winning combinations.

If you have played their slots before then you will be aware of the fact those gamble features are rather basic in their design! In fact, all that you are faced with doing when you have chosen to make use of them is to guess whether a playing card is going to be red or black.

Guess correctly and your gambled amount is doubled in value, and you will then be able to collect your winnings or take the game feature again to try and increase your winnings.

There is often an additional option in regards to how you can achieve a winning outcome via the gamble game on some of their slots, and that is by you correctly predicting the suit of the playing card.

If you guess correctly on that option then your gambled amount is quadrupled and once again you can choose to collect your enhanced winning payout, or continue gambling until such a time you reach the maximum payout limit on the gamble game.

The only problem with those playing card based gamble games is that you have no control over the amount of cash from your base game winning payout you can gamble, as you have to gamble all of it, and the risk factor associated with the gamble game is not that adjustable either!

However, there is a range of slots from Microgaming that have something known as the Your Gamble feature attached and on offer on them. Those slots are the series of Untamed Slots, such as the Untamed Giant Panda slot, the Untamed Wolf Pack slot and the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot.

As soon as you have spun in any number of winning combinations on those slots, which by the way are all designed as 243 ways to win slots, you can then opt to take the Your Gamble feature.

By doing so you can then decide the level of risk you want to have in play on that gamble game and will also be able to choose whether to risk all or 50% of your base game winning payout that you want to put at risk.

The Your Gamble game is based around a circle type animation depicting a globe, and what you have to do is to adjust the percentage of the area of that circle in regards to how much of it you want to become the winning zone and how much you want of it to be the losing zone.

The bigger area of that circle that you choose to become the winning zone the lower the payout odds will become and obviously the smaller the area you have as the winning area the bigger the payout odds will become.

Once you have made your selection and chosen whether to gamble half or all of your base game winning payout, you then send the arrow located in the centre of the circle spinning. If it lands in the win zone chosen by you then you can collect your winnings or choose to take the gamble feature again.

If the arrow lands in the lose zone then you will have lost what you chose to gamble on the Your Gamble game feature!