Microgaming Makes Live Their Jurassic World Slot

It was a full 22 years since the Jurassic Park film premiered, and you may have watched it in your local cinema if you are of a certain age, and thanks to its very own namesake slot designed by Microgaming that film you may recall was brought back to life.

That slot went live only recently in 2014, however it has become a firm favourite with players, thanks to its plethora of bonus games and bonus features and its cost effective base game playing structure.

It was also in the summer of 2015 that the very long awaited second film in that series also went live across the globe, and that film was of course Jurassic World. Well, true to form Microgaming have just announced that they have now made live their brand spanking new Jurassic World slot, and you are going to be able to play it on any of their gaming platforms.

As such if you want to play it on a mobile device from anywhere you happen to be then you can do so, or you can play via either their fully downloadable gaming platform or via their instant play web browser compatible gamine platform if you prefer.

If you fancy getting stuck into playing the Jurassic World slot then you can do so via either the demo mode version of the slot or its real money sister game.

Be aware the slot is another of the hugely popular 243 ways to win slots that Microgaming really have mastered the very fine art of designing, and as such one small set number of coins will allow you to have a whopping 243 ways to win in live play on each spin you play off!

You will need to wager 30 coins or increments of 30 coins to get to play off a spin with all 243 ways in place, and the coin value settings can be set at 0.01, 0.02 or even 0.05, so it is a slot suitable for all players stake levels!

One base game feature is a randomly awarded one on which a special winning multipliers can be displayed on the screen which can boost any and all winning payouts spun in by up to 1000 times their respective values!

One unusual feature attached to this slot is its main free spins bonus game. When you play this slot initially each time you trigger that free spins feature the slot will randomly select one of three different ways for your free spins to play off.

You could be awarded 10 free spins with an increasing multiplier trail, 10 free spins with rolling reels and Cryo Wilds, or you could end up being awarded with 10 free spins with held wild scatter symbols.

Once you have triggered the free spins bonus game 15 times in total then you the player will be able to select which of those three bonus games you wish to play off when it is next triggered in future, instead of the slot randomly selecting the free spins type for you!