Microgaming Ideas Factory Dream Up the EmotiCoins Slot

One of the best staff incentive schemes we have seen in regards to online gaming is the Ideas Factory at Microgaming. They allow any of their staff to pitch ideas that will help improve their operation or games portfolio, and it is true to say their staff members are always dreaming up some unusual ideas to do just that.

Two of their staff members, Anna McChesney and Rob Mercer must be fans of social media, for they dreamt up a brand new slot machine that being the EmotiCoins slot which is themed are based around Emojis!

Whilst Microgaming have never been afraid of designing and then launching all manner of different and very unique games, it was no surprise to find the powers that be at Microgaming decided to run with that idea and as such the EmotiCoins slot game was born.

You will find this slot is shortly going to go live at Microgaming powered casino sites and will of course come with all of the usual features and plenty of new and exciting ones that Microgaming always attach and have built into their slot games.

This new slot game has however been designed as a five reel video slot and will offer players a 30 pay line playing structure. Players will also be able to configure the stake levels they play for and it will also be available as a free play slot, so anyone who does like the look of it will be able to play it for free to see if they like it!

What many players do like about all Microgaming slot games is that they make available and always publish the long term expected payout percentages of every single slot available at any of the casino sites that has them on offer.

Whilst the average RTP on their slots usually fall within the 95% to 96% ranges they have launched some slots over the years on which the RTP’s have been set much higher, and as such if you are the type of player who only wants to play the best paying slots, then finding out just which slot games they are is going to be relatively easy.

A whole host of players adjustable option settings are also available on their range of slots, including auto play settings, and a range of audio and animation settings too. In fact, players are also given the option of using a Fast Play option setting that speeds up the rate at which the slot reels spin and stop.

As soon as the EmotiCoins slot game does go live you are also going to be able to play it alongside other slots when accessing the Microgaming tabbed browser feature on their downloadable gaming platform.

The tabbed browser allows players to open up several different windows, drag them around their computer screen and then play a different slot in each of those windows, so if you do enjoy playing lots of slots simultaneously then consider playing at Microgaming software powered casino sites!