Microgaming are the Longest Established Online Slot Game Designer

Most online slot players will have come across plenty of slot machines that have been designed by Microgaming, and there is a simple reason for that, and that is they have been in business since 1994, and as such plenty of casino sites carry their range of different slot games!

The company is based on the Isle of Man, and has, over the years, designed and launched every type of slot machine you could ever think of, and plenty of slot machines you may never have played before or never have come across before too.

Currently their Mega Moolah series of slots are hugely popular with players, due to four live progressive jackpots, the largest of which can turn players into multi-millionaires when won, in fact it is this slot which currently holds the record of being the online slot machine that has paid out the highest valued jackpot ever, and is named in the Guinness Book of Records as such.

Whilst many players complain that some of the new slot machines that Microgaming design, and for reference they do tend to launch a few of them each month of the year, are cloned copies of early slots, they have designed some hugely popular video slots that are completely unique and boast bonus features and bonus games not found on any other slot machine.

With literally hundreds of different slots, from three reel classic slots, fruit machines, video slots and of course plenty of progressive slot machines some of them are bound to be similar to early slots they launched, however with such a big choice of slots on offer you will find plenty of them you will enjoy playing.

Keep in mind though that Microgaming slot machines are not available to players based in some countries of the world such as the USA, but there are lots of countries that have licensed and regulated casinos offering their range of slot games, so there will be a fair chance you live in one of those countries and will be able to access and play their slots.

Both online and mobile slot machines are what Microgaming design, and all of their latest slot machine releases now get launched onto both the online gaming platform, which includes a fully downloadable and instant play gaming platforms as well as on their mobile gaming platform at the same time.

You will also find plenty of additional features attached and on offer on Microgaming designed slot machines, such as players having the option of speeding up the way the reels spin and stop and also being able to use an auto play setting too.

When playing at all downloadable Microgaming software powered casino sites you will find that you can play more than one slot simultaneously by opening them up in different windows, and the download platform also allows casino operators to offer a range of slot tournaments too.

All Microgaming slot machines and slot games also have something known as a Jackpot Thermometer displayed alongside them in the games menu, and that gives an indication if any slot is currently hot and loose or whether it is playing cold, based on the number and frequency of jackpots won recently on each slot.